Why Choose Vinyl Sheet Pile?

In terms of damage, flooding is one of the natural disasters that cause the second-largest loss experienced by humans. For centuries, businesses, government agencies, and engineers have looked for ways to protect their valuable property from flood damage. It is commonplace that embankment and embankment repair projects can be completed with vinyl sheet piling for only half the price when compared to conventional materials such as steel and concrete by CMI Limited Co.

Vinyl Sheet Piles are commonly used on projects designed to increase and stabilize the height of embankments and dams. Vinyl Sheet Pile can prevent seawater overflow, water seepage, pipelining, surface erosion, and rodent damage. Government agencies, general contractors, and the world’s leading engineers choose to design and use vinyl sheet piles for water control applications including harsh acid mine drainage projects, erosion control, and floodwater diversion.

Advantages of Vinyl Sheet Pile

Cost Efficiency
Vinyl sheet pile is the best choice. Comparing material prices is not appropriate. because vinyl sheet pile has a longer service life, is rust-resistant, and does not decompose easily. lightweight makes it easy to mobilize to difficult areas. Overall, Vinyl Sheet Pile reduces all installation, transportation & maintenance costs.

Consistent Appearance
The appearance of the vinyl sheet pile still looks the same even though it has been installed for a long time, unlike wood, wood will fade, even if it is painted repeatedly. steel rusts, giving your construction a bad appearance.

Unaffected by marine borers
Small mollusks and the like cause damage to wood over some time. Vinyl sheet pile is an alternative that is not affected by these organisms.

Easy Installation
Vinyl Sheet Pile is not as thick as concrete, and not as heavy as steel, the lightweight is easy to carry and install with piling tools as in concrete and steel sheet piles. Installation can also be done with a compact vibrator or pressed by an excavator.

UV Resistant
Vinyl Sheet Pile is made to be resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Better warranty
Vinyl Sheet Pile is durable for more than 50 years due to its very strong corrosion resistance.

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