Do You Know These Benefits Of Jasmine?

Jasmine are popular, beautiful, and also fragrant. Jasmine flowers are also used for various purposes, for example for perfume, cosmetics, drinks, and to decorate flower arrangements. There are about 200 types of jasmine. You might be able to buy them if you visit a good flower shop, like flower cards uk.

Jasmine actually have many benefits, such as:

Treat acne
Jasmine have medicinal benefits for treating acne. The content of jasmine has properties to treat acne on the face, by processing it into a face mask. How to make a face mask with jasmine is easy, by cleaning the jasmine, then mash them finely. After that, apply jasmine to the face with acne. After 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water. Do this regularly to get maximum results.

Prevent premature aging
Jasmine tea can be drunk and is believed to prevent premature aging. Jasmine contain antioxidants that can prevent damage to your skin. In order for maximum results and look younger, this can be accompanied by regular exercise.

Smooth skin
The beauty ingredients of jasmine have been created a long time ago. flowers are useful for smoothing the skin of the body. Nowadays, there are many beauty skin treatments using flowers. For example, jasmine extract scrub. You can prepare enough flowers, crushed until smooth and mixed with rose water or olive oil. After that, it is applied to the body and rubbed to remove dead skin cells. Do it twice a week for maximum results.

Reducing fever
The leaves of jasmine can be used to reduce children’s fever. By soaking the jasmine leaves in hot water. then the soaking water to compress the child’s forehead.

Treat shortness of breath
The leaves of jasmine can also be used to treat shortness of breath. Prepare the leaves about 15-20 then wash them clean. Boil using 3 glasses of water. When it is still warm, brew it and drink it 2 times a day.

Reducing excessive milk production
Breastmilk produced by some women is overproduced. Mash the jasmine leaves until smooth and stick to the breasts. Do this every day before taking a shower.