Choosing the Type of Facial that’s Right for You

Of course, you are no stranger to facials. In the past, this treatment could only be found in certain beauty clinics, but now it is easier to find even in small beauty salons. There are many benefits of facial facials and Medical spa that you can get, namely:

Promote blood circulation
Helps the process of facial skin regeneration
Makes skin clearer and brighter
Gives a relaxing effect on the face

Although there are many types of facial facials, in essence, the treatment procedures carried out remain the same. The stages of facial treatment consist of exfoliating facial skin, cleaning blackheads, and using various types of ingredients that are tailored to the needs of your skin. The main difference from the types of facials is the use of serums and masks that are applied after exfoliation and blackhead removal procedures. So, you just choose the type of facial that you really need at that time.

This facial treatment can be done by anyone, including people who have dry, oily, sensitive, combination, or normal skin types. However, when you have active acne, it’s best to postpone this treatment for a while. Be careful, forcing yourself to facial when you have acne can actually make acne more inflamed and trigger pockmarks. Likewise, if your skin tends to be sensitive, tell the clinic staff so that exfoliation is done carefully so that the skin does not hurt.

Facial treatments can be done by anyone, both women and men, regardless of gender. However, there are a few things to consider before you decide to do a facial, namely:

1. Age limit
Facial facials are usually OK if you are at least 17 years old. This is based on the reason that at that age the skin is stronger and ready to accept various aesthetic treatment procedures. In addition, at that age, the skin already requires thorough care.

2. Frequency of facial treatments in a month
Generally, the skin layer will grow naturally within 3-5 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended that you do facials every 3-4 weeks. With this period of time, the skin will be maximized in removing blackheads and help the skin turnover process to be more perfect.